Sundays are my Taco Truck Taco day and I am sitting here, watching football, in my robe wishing the taco truck could just come to me! So why not? Why has nobody thought about cruising through neighborhoods playing "Tequila" and selling tacos out of their truck? I am writing this as a plea to all taco truck owners or maybe a challenge. If I heard "Tequila" two blocks down the road I guarantee I would be dressed and waiting by the edge of my yard with cash in hand!

So how about it? Would you rush to buy tacos from the taco truck if they drove through your neighborhood? I asked my Facebook friends what they thought and the response was overwhelming. Almost every single person who responded had positive feedback and the responses were, "yes" "absolutely yes" "hell yes" and a lot of the people recommended that if this were to happen that there would have to be margaritas offered as well. There were a few people who said they would NOT flag down a taco truck but I am thinking they are probably just not a fan of taco trucks anyway, so technically their vote doesn't count!

So until someone reads this and decides to take me serious I will continue to get dressed, drive to my favorite taco truck and bring them home to be eaten. I might just whip up a batch of margaritas to wash them down, since I am being forced to get up and be productive!



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