Taking your dog for a walk is therapy for you and for your dog, nothing like a good stroll along the river with mans best friend. However, if it is hot outside chances are the asphalt is even hotter. As a matter of fact... it IS hotter! Here is how it breaks down when the weather starts to heat up, if the air outside is 77 degrees the asphalt heats up to 125 degrees, when the air is 86 degrees the pavement is 135 and when the air is 87 the asphalt reaches a scorching 143 degrees!

At 125 degrees skin destruction can occur in just 60 second and paws will get burned. The best way to check to see if the ground is too hot for your dog is, take your shoes off and give it a test run. If it is too hot for you then it is too hot for your dog!

Keeping our four legged friends safe and healthy is our duty! My daughter bought me a pair of rain boots for my kitty and I put them on her today and lets just say I think the boots are probably not meant for cats. She wiggled out of them within seconds and tried to eat my face, so if anyone is in the market for a small pair of boots for their dog I have a slightly used pair available!

Just remember, if it's too hot for your feet it is probably too hot for their paws! Happy walking!

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