I try to put a little smile on your face every day in my afternoon broadcast and part of my daily routine is bring you my Pic Of The Day. Some of you guys have some pretty creative imaginations so I thought I would share some the captions that you gave my pics of the day from FACEBOOK. So here goes!

Picture #1

Cheri Thomas Said School is out in a week . . . . I'm NEVER going to make it through the summer!!!

Billy Braswell Said "That's not mud....!"

Fawn Wagner said "Tide...(or your favorite detergent)..it will get anything out of your favorite shirt....almost!"

Picture # 2

This is why Bear is not invited to go horse back riding

Picture #3


Angel Leggett Said "You've heard of the "Le Bra" for your car.....well Introducing..........Le Thong for your car!"

Cathy Evans Elliott Said "Yes, My car and I have matching thongs everyday!"

Brandi Holady Said "check out my whale tail!"

Myles McCartney Said "Serious, junk in the trunk!"

Picture #4

Faith Hovde Said "The right path is not always clearly marked.... Follow your heart"

Bekah Sydnor Said "The person that made that plans for the Burbank round abouts must have also put these signs up!!!"

Sarah Jones Said "Never let bad directions take you down the wrong road!!"

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