Tri-Cities is very smokey this morning, where did all the smoke come from?

According to experts the smoke is coming from the Williams flats fire which is currently burning out of control near the Grand Coulee Dam.

Stacy Lee
Stacy Lee

The Benton Clean Air Authority say the air quality is considered dangerous to some people and they should be cautious.

The Benton Clean Air Authority say these individuals are most vulnerable during these conditions

  • Infants and children
  • Older adults (those 65 and older)
  • People with lung and heart disease, stroke, diabetes, or those with a current respiratory infection

SO far the fire has burned 10,438 acres and firefighters are having a tough time containing it due to Steep slopes, limited access and primitive roads conditions.

Colville Tribal Natural Resource Law Enforcement Officers are asking boaters to stay clear of the firefighting efforts at Lake Roosevelt Recreational Area.


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