My Dog Got Skunked today! Here's the Remedy In Case Your Dog Does Too!

It never fails right? When you have just enough time to get somewhere that's when it happens, and throws your whole day in a flurry!

I had just enough time to go for a run with my dog this morning, and make it back in time to shower and be at work!

But, She had to go and do it...she actually rolled in a dead skunk! ( I think that was worse than just the plain skunk spray!)

In a frantic hurry, I doused her with stuff I could remember, (dish soap, hydrogen peroxide and white Vinegar) and bathed her outside and made it to work just a few minutes late.

However, it wasn't the correct remedy solution that works, it helped, but the Oder is still present to some extent. And I can't lock her outside while I'm at work or  she will just dig out of the yard!

So, I have my work cut out for me tonight! Ugh! Yuck! I hate that dogs think they need to smell as bad as possible!

But in case this happens to you. Here is the link from the Humane Society and I have used this remedy before and it does seem to work!