According to a new study MEN take longer than women to get ready!

The new study found men, on average, take 81 minutes and women take 75 minutes to primp! (Really?)

It breaks down like this: 23 minutes to shower, 18 minutes shaving, 10 minutes cleansing and toning (am I missing something?), and 13 minutes selecting an outfit. I don’t know many men that take longer than a half hour to get ready for anything…and have you ever seen a man toning for a date? Yeah me neither….. ohhh,  did I forget to mention this study was done in the UK!...good luck with that British dudes!

BTW: it takes me 15 minutes total ((Bam!!)) breaks down like this: 3 minutes to shave, 5 minutes to shower, 2 minutes to get my cup of espresso, 5 minutes to dress in the dark ....which would explain my snappy attire  ;-D

How long does it take you to get ready?