Some people want to know how to avoid having a bad first date, but sometimes you are hoping to complete a date in such a manner so that whoever set it up is not mad at you, but the other person will never ask to do it again.

1. Drive somewhere that's far away so you have lots of awkward car silence.

2. Talk about your ex and share deep personal.

3. Take him/her to that horror film none of your friends will go to with you because it isn't tasteful.

4. Tell him/her they remind you of your mother/father.

5. Ask how much money he/she makes.

6. Take him/her to your parent's house for the date.

7. In great detail talk about the future you want to have.

8. Mention any gory medical history.

9. Show up late.

10. And if you really want to have a bad first date just show them that weird mole you have.

Dmitriy Shironosov

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