If we don't get irrefutable evidence of Bigfoot by the end of next year we're probably never going to get that proof. That's because Spike TV is upping ante on the search for the hairy creature, offering $10 million to the first person who can find him.

The cash prize of '10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty,' which will air next fall, is the largest in reality television history.

Spike is offering up the reward with insurance giant Lloyd's of London.

"If this series idea had come in without that Lloyd's of London mark attached to it, I don't think we would have taken it seriously, but that's no small chunk of change," said Spike TV's senior vice president Tim Duffy.

Scientists, zoologists, trackers and Bigfoot hunters are expected to compete for the prize. In states such as Texas its perfectly legal to shoot and kill Sasquatch but Duffy says they haven't worked out whether the money would be paid in the event of a slain Bigfoot.

We suspect Spike would prefer the creature alive. It would be depressing for the show to end in the extinction of such a mythic figure. Perhaps instead, the giant fur-ball could end up being their biggest reality TV star.

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