Whether you are a believer of Bigfoot or not this event should be pretty entertaining...the 2016 International Bigfoot Conference happens this weekend at Three Rivers Convention Center in Kennewick!

Stacy Lee
Stacy Lee

According to a post on the International Bigfoot Conference page here's what to expect at the conference:

The Paterson/Gimlin recording has been the center of controversy for many years now. If you’ve seen the footage, you have most likely seen the frame by frame breakdown of the disputed film. Does this film prove the existence of Bigfoot? As a researcher I am asked to ‘prove that Bigfoot is real’. My question is that if we need to prove that it is real, skeptics cannot prove that Bigfoot is not real. The ‘burden of proof’ challenge has been accepted by researchers throughout the world and our list of speakers will be presenting their results at the International Bigfoot Conference.
This will take place in Kennewick Washington on September 2-4, at the Three Rivers Convention Center. Let’s be real here… there are sightings, footprints, recordings of vocalizations, and evidence left behind by something that inhabits the wilderness. Let’s find out together at the conference. Our speakers are bringing presentations that have never been shared with the public before.
For one, I want to see what our world class researchers have found with today’s technologies which have come a long way since 1967 with the Paterson/Gimlin film. Along with our distinguished speaker list we are also happy to announce that Bob Gimlin himself and Host of ‘Finding Bigfoot’ Cliff Barackman will be there to say hello. These amazing world class speakers and Special Guests will be available at our conference with their latest discoveries and answers to your questions.
This conference is not designed to persuade you either way, it’s here to give you all the evidence that we can provide, so you can make an educated choice for yourself. Face it, this conference will be a blast with amazing door prizes (even a 4-wheeler on Sunday) and vendors from all over the states. There are only a couple of spaces left for those interested in vendor tables, check out the guidelines on our web page.
Skeptics, believers, non-believers...those still 'on the fence' will have plenty to talk about, get your tickets today!

Hmmm think I may have to go and check this out and do a little squachin!



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