Of course pumpkin spice should NOT be illegal! But anti-pumpkin spicers, like myself think it should be banned until the last day of summer! It's bad enough Halloween starts in August and Christmas starts in October, but now fall is choking out my summer with pumpkin spice EVERYTHING! The minute I hear someone ask for pumpkin spice ANYTHING I feel robbed of my last days of summer!

Pumpkin spice has no business edging out my strawberry daiquiris and sunscreen! I have tried, oh boy have I tried, but as hard as I try I just cannot embrace pumpkin spice! It's not that I don't like the flavor, because I actually do. But just saying "pumpkin spice" makes me shiver and want to curl up with a blanket and binge watch Yellowstone for three days solid. Now, I know that actually sounds WONDERFUL but because it is STILL SUMMER I don't have time because the yard needs mowed, the weeds need pulled, the garden needs watered, the pool needs skimmed, the dog needs checked for ticks and there are still camping trips to go on!

Never, have I ever been out mowing the yard in ninety degree weather and took a break to cool off with a refreshing pumpkin spice latte'! Or been sweating profusely, while weeding the garden and reached for a refreshing pumpkin spice daiquiri! See what I mean? It just doesn't work!

I try not to be negative about pumpkin spice, I really do, all I am asking is that we push back our pumpkin spice craze until the end of summer! I hope you all enjoy the last few weeks of summer and I will see you in line at the coffee shop for a pumpkin spice latte' soon enough! Until then... CHEERS! With a fresh strawberry daiquiri!



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