Tri-Cities construction companies are facing a severe shortage in skilled construction workers and it's causing trouble during this growing economy.

One construction firm went so far as to have a worker stand out on a busy street with a sign that read 'Now Hiring'.

The problem seems to stem from the younger work force looking down at the construction trades, thereby leaving a huge gap of openings in the construction trades.

Here's a state wide statistic reflecting the difficulty of construction companies in Tri-Cities and statewide:

Eighty-three Washington state contractors took the survey, and 83 percent said they expected to hire additional or replacement hourly craft personnel in the next 12 months; 89 percent said they were having a hard time filling salaried and hourly craft positions; and 51 percent said they’re having a difficult time hiring project managers and supervisors compared to the previous year.

The solution I guess is to get young people interested in the trades and actively recruit in areas like electrical, carpenters and installers. So maybe it's time to put down the books and grab a hammer!

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