Yes, if you are a horse rustler in the state of Washington, you could still be hung for stealing horses. Luckily, that isn't the situation going on at the south entrance of Kennewick where several horses have gone missing.

The horses in question that eagle-eye drivers have noticed missing are part of the structure as you enter the southern entrance into Kennewick on 395. It's not your imagination, the horses are gone and the City of Kennewick has an explanation.

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According to a posting on the Kennewick Police Facebook page, they are getting calls about the missing horses but no worries, horse thieves did not take the horse sculptures at the south entrance to the City.

The posting says that is the reason for the missing horses:

The horses were removed this week in preparation for the US395/Ridgeline Interchange project.

They will be safely stored until another suitable location can be found. The interchange project is expected to start in April and completed in Fall 2022.
With the significant amount of development in the Southridge area, a second US395 intersection is needed between I-82 and Hildebrand Rd.

This project will be a significant enhancement to our growing Southridge area. Project includes:
- Ridgeline Drive crossing underneath US395
- On and off-ramps at this location
- An additional northbound US395 lane from Ridgeline to the north of Hildebrand
- New turning lanes at all four legs of the US395/Hildebrand intersection

If you've been traveling in the area and were wondering where the horses have gone, you know they are safely tucked away until the construction gets completed near Ridgeline in Kennewick. You can read more details about the construction project here.

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