It's part of Gov. Inslee's sweeping efforts to become the 'greenest' governor in history, say critics.

The five Republicans on the House Environment and Energy Committee, which includes 8th District Rep. Matt Boehnke, all have been fighting against House Bill (HB) 1084.

When first introduced according to House Republicans, the bill:

"...The original bill would have prohibited the use of natural gas in newly-constructed homes and buildings, including for space heating, furnaces, water heaters, interior gas fireplaces and even back deck grills. An amendment removed that prohibition."

However, Rep. Mary Dye said the bill still sets a longer term timetable for the 'removal' of natural gas. According to the House Republicans:

 "...the bill takes major steps to accelerate the removal of natural gas from homes and buildings and would undermine the continued economic viability of natural gas utilities."

So, it appears if you are building a home or office-business, or are seeking to purchase one in the future and it hasn't been constructed yet; you could face the prospect of not having natural gas an an option.

Rep. Boehnke said this about the proposal:

"Prohibiting the use of natural gas in homes and buildings would have devastating consequences not just for workers, but also for the one million natural gas customers in Washington who would see a $700 increase in their annual energy bill. House Bill 1084 is costly, not just for employers and employees, but for families who are struggling every month to make ends meet."

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