As a little kid and as an adult, one of my favorite places to visit is Wallowa Lake. I spent my honeymoon there and I try to go back whenever I can. Sadly, it appears that an iconic piece of the lake won't be around for much longer.

It's the Edelweiss Inn. The residents of the lake have long wanted the Inn to be restored but it appears with each passing day, it's unlikely that will happen.

The Edelweiss has a long history, it hosted roller skating parties as far back as the 1920s and has been the host of the Alpenfest since 1975.

The owners, who also own the famous Tramway, say that roughly $3 million is what it would take to restore the inn to its original glory. The Inn isn't currently on the National Register of Historic Places which prevents some funding that could be procured federally.

Several plans are in motion to either restore the Inn or build a new events center or even take pieces of the Inn and build a smaller event center in its spot. It's undecided as the owners pursue all avenues and choices concerning the Inn.

It would be great to see the Inn restored but if it's not meant to be, I guess the memories will remain.

You can check out more details on the restoration here. 



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