A man is lucky to be alive after his vehicle was struck by a semi.

A Moses Lake man is in serious condition after a semi plowed into his pickup on State Route 395 in Pasco on Thursday.

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The crash happened at Foster Wells Road & SR 395 just before 10:30 am.

According to WSP, the semi was headed eastbound on Foster Wells Road while the pickup was southbound on SR 395.

The semi-driver was making a turn onto SR 395 crashing into the pickup truck.

The pickup driver, 69-year old Arlin K. Lindstrom of Moses Lake was trapped for 30 minutes. Firefighters had to cut Lindstrom free from under the truck.

Lindstrom was taken to Kadlec Regional Medical Center in Richland for treatment of his injuries.

The semi-truck driver, 44-year old Ying H. Zhu was cited for failing to yield right of way.

Zhu was not injured in the collision.

Traffic was backed up for about an hour.

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