It's no secret that cell phones are big business, and they can do just about anything you want them too. Twitter, text, download music. Keep it, I just want to order a pizza.

If  I ever need my phone to check on my stock portfolio, I should be rich enough to have my assistant check my phone, and tell me how my stocks are doing. To call the little black boxes cellphones,  is a true understatement, it's more like the Swiss army knife of communication. A phone is something that rings, you answer, and you converse with the voice on the other end. Now a phone is my stereo, date book, camera, computer, game boy and that fold up map that use to sit in the glove box of my car. It' no wonder people panic when they lose their 'life in a box'. Remember when the worst thing you could lose was you car keys. Now you can use your phone too call a satellite , and they will not only find your keys, they will start your car for you. Text messaging is the newest way to communicate world wide, and the slowest way for me to stay connected with my peeps. Typing to me is like clogging at a rattlesnake ranch, they just don't go together. Yes, I am slower than most, but it doesn't mean I can't have fun. As of today, my display language is German, next week it may be French. Yes, times have changed, remember the busy signal. True story. When I was ordering my new phone, I asked the young gal helping me, if I could get a rotary dial, and if so, would that cost extra. Insert cricket noises and blank stare here. Oddly enough, she had never heard of such a thing. The day is coming when I will ask my phone to go to the store and get me a six pack and some beef jerky, and on the way home pick up the mail. If it gives me any crap I just don't recharge it's battery, end of story.  Just some random thoughts, have a great day

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