The sky got pitch black that Sunday, May 18th back in 1980. I was a young kid but I remember that day clearly in my memory.

My Dad had us kids loaded up for a fishing trip to Winchester Idaho. We had stopped at a convenience store to get supplies and I remember looking up in the sky as it when pitch black.

I don't recall being scared but more fascinated by what was going on.

My Dad came out of the store and told us, kids, that Mt. Saint Helens had erupted. I do recall that we didn't go fishing because of it and headed home to get inside.

I think we didn't know what the effect of ash would do to us so I'm sure it was a safety precaution because of all

I don't recall there being a lot of ash in Lewiston/Clarkston area, about an inch, but I know that cities in the direct line from the mountain got 3 - 4 feet of ash.

The lasting legacy of Mount St. Helens is huge. It will always be a topic of conversation as "where were you" and I think you can still buy those little vials of ash on EBAY but I don't think the ash has been the cash boom as originally thought by collectors.

I've compiled some fascinating photos of Mt. Saint Helens from Getty Images to see how the mountain has faired after that explosion all those years ago.

10 Amazing Photos of Mt. Saint Helens

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