It's that moment when you have your phone in your robe that you just hung on the back of the bathroom door. Phone rings. A quick failed juggle and WHOOPS! In the toilet bowl we go! Bloop! My wife quickly retrieved it and thought for sure it was toast. She immediately hit google an found several youtube videos that tell you exactly what to do.

I thought the "rice" thing was a joke...but really, you're supposed to put your wet phone in rice over night to soak up any an all moisture. Then make a nice Chunky Soup over rice dinner! Mmm Mmm Good!

Here's what she did while she was googling how to fix it:

Take the battery out right away.

Blow dry the phone as best you can...I heard canned air also works.\

Then she set the phone on the patio table in the sun for 2 hours.

We were just getting ready to head out to get a new phone, so I put the battery back in and......WHAAAAAAAA? It turned on a booted up just fine. (Samsung)

Well then. That's one less thing.


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