One of my favorite things to do in Seattle is to walk along the pier and grab some clam chowder from Ivar's whenever we visit the Emerald City and now a once must-see destination is closing their doors. Ivar's on Pier 54 has closed their doors.

I know we have Ivar's at the Columbia Center Mall but nothing tastes better than being right along the ocean with seagulls and the fresh smell of the ocean while you are enjoying your lunch.

Sadly, the iconic Ivar's Acres Of Clams at Pier 54 has closed. It was an iconic place to check out in Seattle and it'll be missed.

COVID-19 is one of the factors for the closure since the fish bar relies heavily on tourism and foot traffic on the piers.

I can't imagine not going to the pier for a warm cup of clam chowder and the company officials say it might open back in 2021 but right now it remains closed.

90 employees luckily will be shifted to other Ivar's locations for work but it's a bittersweet closure since I'm sure nothing will be as cool as working at the iconic pier restaurant.

It's like working at the original Starbucks, it just offers up a cool vibe.

The rest of Ivar's sidewalk bars and other locations will remain open because those locations aren't so dependent on tourism. You can check out more details on the Ivar's closure here.

I'm going to miss the classic Ivar's location.

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