One of my favorite places to eat in Kennewick hit a speed bump last week. They had to temporarily close down due to lack of staff but the good news is that they've reopened!

In an article from KEPR-TV, Foodies, a popular place to eat in Kennewick posted on their door that they'd be closed for a few days due to lack of staff.

Did The Richland Foodies Stay Open?

The Foodies Richland location remained open but the Kennewick location was closed for a few days.

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What Time Do Foodies Open Up?

I did a quick check today on their Facebook page and both locations are now open again.

Is Foodies Hiring?

The Kennewick store does have a "now hiring" sign displayed on their storefront.

I was talking to my wife last week about all the posted hiring signs around the Tri-Cities.

Lots Of Job Openings In The Tri-Cities.

It seems like a lot of businesses are in need of good employees so this might be a good time for someone who's looking for a job to start applying.

I'm just glad to see both locations of Foodies up and running. You can check out more details about Foodies and their menu here and you can check out more details on the short closure here.

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