Kids do follow directions!  Case in point - last Sunday night my wife and I prepared a beautiful salmon fillet with our secret blend of herbs and spices and placed it in a baking pan - then covered it with plastic wrap.  We had plans to attend a class together that evening and thought we'd ask our youngest son Sean (who was at a friends house at the time) to help us cook the salmon while we were out.  We left step-by-step instructions for Sean  - at 6pm preheat oven to 350 degrees, place salmon in the oven at 6:15pm, we'll be home at 6:45 and we can all eat at 7pm.

Sean followed our instructions to the letter - when we returned from class we discovered that the salmon was cooked perfectly...with a topping of plastic wrap!

We were able to salvage portions of it and spent most of dinner laughing!


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