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As the world watches the happenings in Ukraine, it's hard not to be concerned for the safety of EVERYONE. Vladimir Putin could decide to send missiles our way.

Where are the nearest safe areas for us to go should a nuclear attack occur?

According to thepreppingguide.com:


A majority of Oregon and northern California are also regions with a better chance to survive a nuclear war. Also, the middle of Idaho should be a safe place to reside.

The lowest priority areas for a nuclear attack are small pockets that don't have large populations and are far away from any targeted areas.

But what about Russia's targets? There are 3 particular areas in the Evergreen State that should be aware, including southeastern Washington.

If you can't make it to Oregon, northern California, or central Idaho:

Seek refuge in the nearest building. Take off any contaminated clothing and wash unprotected skin. Get to the basement or middle of the building and stay at least 6 feet away from anyone. If possible, wear a mask. Stay inside and stay aware of your local media.

What to do, when warned of an imminent nuclear attack, click the button below.

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