Sabotage or thoughtful??


All this time I have bringing goodies to my co-workers I thought I was being thoughtful until today...

There is something about a gas station burrito that makes me so delightfully happy, even at 7:00 in the morning! I got Woody hooked on them and now our Digital Editor Andrew! I try to be thoughtful and always offer a yummy snack from the store when I go but today I realized I might be evil!!

Without asking I grabbed Andrew a burrito and was pleased with myself when I brought it to him for a scrumptious morning snack, but when I went to his office to deliver it, he was not there. However, what WAS there was a big bag of healthy SPINACH sitting right on his desk! Obviously Andrew had every intention of eating healthy for the day. But now I have this fabulous little bean filled, deep fried, flour tortilla creation for him!!

So I did what any good person would have done... I left it on his desk next to the spinach and wrote him a note that said "decisions." My conscience is clear and I have a pretty good idea what he chose!

Do you have a co-worker who sabotages your diet by trying to be nice? If so, just know we have good intentions!


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