There are some superhumans out there over 90 that are still sharp as a tack and physically healthy, but for the majority of us, that won’t be the case - once we cross the mid-80s we become physically and mentally slower.

It is not surprising that most people who have lost the ability to drive safely either don’t know it or have a hard time admitting it. After all, who wants to lose their freedom? That’s why many continue to drive even when they know deep down they shouldn’t be behind the wheel. This puts their lives and others at risk. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2021, 17% of all traffic fatalities were elderly.

Can you be too old to drive in Washington State?

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Eligibility to drive in Washington State is determined by a person’s physical and mental health and their ability to meet other requirements for driving safely – regardless of age. Some of these include; vision, hearing, any physical conditions that could limit movement, cognitive ability, reaction time, necessary medications, and passing a full road test.

Should you report unsafe drivers?


The Washington State Department of Licensing recommends that if you see a person young or old driving in such a way that could cause harm to others and themselves to report it and or submit a Driver Evaluation Request. The form is meant for concerned citizens and law enforcement officers to alert the state of unsafe drivers. The state will investigate and it could require the person to have their driving skills evaluated.

How often do I have to renew my license in Washington State?

All drivers in Washington must renew their licenses every six years. They can do this by paying the renewal fee without a road test. Drivers 65 or older are required to renew in person and take a vision exam and possibly the written and road test. If a person’s license is allowed to expire for a considerable period, the state will require that individual to retake the written and practical test.

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