Prevent Homeless Pets needs YOUR help! As PHP increases the amount of animals they service they have outgrown their space and now needs our help to continue their mission! They have recently purchased a bigger building and are asking the community for help to reach their goal so they can continue helping us!!

The history of PHP...

Prevent Homeless Pets was incorporated in January 2009.  In 2009 while working out of borrowed/rented veterinarian offices the clinic managed to spay/neuter 1,284 cats and 89 dogs.  In 2010 working under the same conditions PHP spayed/neutered 1,287 cats, 45 dogs.

In 2011 the numbers steadily increased to 1,700 cats and 165 dogs spayed/neutered. 2012 saw a larger increase in the number of animals spayed/neutered, 1,739 cats, and 152 dogs.

Prevent Homeless Pets proudly opened the doors to their own clinic on September 6, 2013, at 812 Della Avenue, Benton City, Washington.

Since 2013 our numbers have continued increase from 2,509 cats and 178 dogs in 2013 to 2014 we spayed/neutered 3,446 cats and 882 dogs. We continue to expand and provide more surgeries each year.

December 2017 we fixed our 30,000th animal!!!


As a nonprofit organization Washington State Law allows them to serve only two groups of animals:

  • The first group is unowned animals including feral/stray/abandoned cats and dogs, as well as adoptable animals through other nonprofit rescues and shelters.
  • The second group is privately owned pets of low income quilified individuals-based on federal income guidelines.
For more information and to help, contact Prevent Homeless Pets or call 509-497-1133
Or you drop off your donation to them in person and say hi at
812 Della Ave.
Benton City, WA  99320

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