This might seem weird to you, but I actually get it!

Not the shoplifting part, I am one of those people that pays for everything I walk out of the store with. I am talking about hair care products here. Our bathroom is a revolving door of the best shampoos money can buy. My wife will tell me that she has to run to the store to get shampoo. I tell her that there's still shampoo and conditioner in there. She notifies me that those bottles are half empty and she is done with that kind. But I thought you loved Bed Head I exclaim! I do, but I need some Pantene she says. A couple of weeks later when the Pantene is half empty, she says she needs more shampoo. This time it's Tea Tree Mint or some such thing. And don't forget there's always the matching conditioner with each shampoo! I need some Frizz Dismiss shampoo she says. I am to the point of just nodding my head lol. So now Pasco Police are looking for the hair care product thief. My guess is that his wife or baby mama or girlfriend loves this particular brand, and he ain't got no money. It's nice that he wants to take care of her, but that's always a little harder to do from jail. And I doubt they have good shampoo in jail. You might just have to wash your hair with a bar of soap. Or not at all if you drop it.

Hair like Fabio?

Have you or your loved ones recently come into contact with an abundance, or even a plethora, of...

Posted by Pasco Police on Wednesday, January 27, 2021



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