Some advice from the Pasco Police. Don't be clowning around on the street!

From the Pasco Police Facebook page:

Don't. Just don't.
If you must wear a clown mask in public, be aware that this time of the year is historically armed robbery season (Pasco had two recently), and if you walk into a store wearing any mask, clown or otherwise, you are begging for the police to show up and lawfully detain you until we are convinced you meant no harm.
If you are dressed as a clown and jump out into traffic, or attempt to scare and startle random strangers on the street, you are breaking the law and risking an arrest for Disorderly Conduct.
If you are dumb enough to dress as a clown and arm yourself with something that looks like a weapon, you're gonna have a bad day. Refer to the first advice: Don't. Just don't.

If you want to report a clown, be prepared to describe how he is breaking the law or disturbing people.
If you are reporting a clown, be the person who saw the clown. Do not expect us to be very interested in something you heard fourth-hand or saw on Twitter.

Thank you. Please resume your normal clown-free activities.


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