Meet Pasco police K-9 Hapo 2. He is one fine cop. Hapo 2 was recently trying to solve a murder and so many leads pointed to suspects located in Beverly Hills, California.

Hapo 2 was notified by his boss, Lieutenant Bogumil, that he was not to leave the Tri-Cities area. At that time Hapo 2 decided to put in for vacation, pretending to need some well-deserved time off. Lieutenant Bogomil warned him to stay off that case and Hapo 2 promised his vacation had nothing to do with it.

However, once Hapo 2 got to Beverly Hills he checked in with his old friend Jenny Summers. Hapo 2 believes Jenny's boss, an art dealer, is somehow involved in the murder he's secretly investigating.

Once Lieutenant Bogomil found out about HAPO 2's obvious insubordination, he was assigned a desk job. This kind of sounds like the plot of Beverly Hills Cop, but I'm just reporting to you the real story from my super-secret inside sources because that's how I roll.

Pasco Police remain mum on the topic and claim Hapo 2 was just visiting the Police Records Dept. Yeah...right.


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