This has to be one of the weirdest things I've ever seen, a car prowler who was caught in the act apparently was using Hulk Hands as one of his thieving tools!

According to Pasco PD here's what went down:

CAR PROWLER ARRESTED, PART ONE: Late Sunday night at about 10:38 PM, a sharp-eyed resident near the 100-block of N Owen reported a male walking up the street, kicking cars and breaking windows.

Pasco PD

Officers surrounded the area. Canine Hapo and Officers Harris and Acock located suspect Jose Francisco Monzon, DOB 021499 of Pasco a block away. He dropped items that were quickly identified as stolen from the 200-block of N Owen. A witness identified Monzon as the male who broke a pickup window. Monzon also had a warrant.

Monzon went to Franklin County Jail. He was booked for the warrant and new charges of Malicious Mischief and Vehicle Prowl. Theft charges may be added later. Pasco case PP17-48574.

Here's what he left behind....STRANGE Superhero...Not so much!

Dave Allen

If you are missing your Hulk hands, the Pasco Police may have them. And you probably have something in common with the folks who own this vehicle: You don't lock up your cars.

CAR PROWLER ARRESTED, PART TWO: Early Monday morning at 1:33 AM, a resident of the 1600-block of W Clark confronted a male inside the resident's vehicle. That male ran off, but left behind a pair of Hulk-hands attached to the steering wheel. They were not inside the vehicle before the prowl.