Palouse Falls State Park is one of the most popular state parks located in LaCrosse, Washington. If you’re a fan of geography and the Ice Age era, then you are going to love this place. I’ve been numerous times and plan to take another trip soon.

The falls were naturally carved over 13,000 years ago during the Ice Age flood path. After the Palouse River makes its way over the edge, it flows through a gorge of columnar basalt and eventually ends up joining the Snake River.

The park is just over 94-acres, so I would plan at least a half-day to explore and take in the stunning views of the 200-foot cataract (falls) from the top and lower section.  During one of our trips to the park, my wife and I hiked around back and followed the river up to the edge of the falls. At that time (about 5 years ago) the trails were well-traveled with no restrictions, but it might be different now, especially since four people have fallen to their death since 2015 and others have been severely injured - mostly due to going beyond marked areas.

The photo you see attached is one I took from the top showing the river flowing over. It appears that I’m very close, but I’m actually in a very safe vantage point – using a long photo stick to extend out (more photos below). I still get goosebumps when I look at this photo - imagining myself falling to certain death. It was a rush.

The park still has some COVID-19 restrictions, so I recommend reading up on those at the state park website before you go. Take plenty of water, snacks, good hiking shoes, a hat, and clothing for the season. Oh, and maybe some toilet paper – the outhouses are not always stocked.

Check out the photos from our hike (taken with my iPhone) and after that, 3 other cool hikes you can take near Tri-Cities.

Palouse Falls, A View from the Edge

Palouse Falls State Park, Washington State

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