We've seen the greatest Craigslist ad ever, but this may be an even better purchase. Right now, on the East Texas Craigslist page, someone is selling Willie Nelson's old tour bus!

Can you imagine the stories that thing would tell if it could? Then again, it was Willie's bus, so even if the bus could talk, it probably wouldn't remember what happened. The ad itself doesn't say much about the history of the bus. Who is the seller? How did they get it? Why are they selling it? We don't know those answers, all we are told is:

1983 Eagle Bus
Engine: 92 Detroit Diesel
Transmission: Automatic
Generator: 15kW Diesel Generator

The bus gets 7mpg with the generator running. The bus sleeps about 8+ just depending the situation. It has 4 A/C Units on the roof with heat as well. This bus was built for Willie Nelson in the 80's. The bus is in great working condition without any issues. If you have any questions call or text (***-***-****) Cash is the preferred method of payment. No trades or financing.

There aren't a lot of opportunities in life to own a true piece of music history. They are asking for about $30k, but there's no mention of what the cost might be to get the smoke smell out.

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