Browsing through Craigslist is FUN!! never know what you will find.

  • worm factory / craigslist

    Worm Factory

    If you want to be a worm wrangler or worm farmer this is a deal for you!!

  • masks/ craigslist


    Maybe you you love evil looking things...If so, this has your name written all over it.

  • craigslist

    Burl tables

    I love quirky weird things! I'm not saying this is weird...but they sure do look odd. I'm sure someone will have the perfect spot for them

  • craigslist


    If this is your thing, well here ya go!!

  • craigslist


    I don't know what this is....but if aspire to be a picker...this is your chance!

    "We inherited an 8 acre estate where there was 20 plus years of collecting and never throwing anything away (hoarding). We are going to sell most all of it off! Because of the amount of "stuff", we will be having "picking or digging style" sales."