Ashley Elliot captures a beautiful sunset, with farm equiptment on Robert Cox Farms
Ashley Elliott captures a beautiful sunset, with farm equipment on Robert Cox Farms
Mans best friend helping harvest pumpkins on Robert Cox FARMS
Mans best friend helping harvest pumpkins on Robert Cox Farms

This pandemic has brought to us a whole new world and we are all feeling the effects. Small businesses are struggling to stay afloat and there seems to be a chain reaction trickling down to our local farmers. Restaurants are either closed or operating at a far less business capacity. Less going out means less coming in, and by that I mean product being purchased from our local farmers.

Robert Cox Farms, in Benton City is one of those farms who is being threatened by the effects. They grow and sell pumpkins, hay, wheat and on occasion, corn. They are facing many struggles, not only will they have less buyers to purchase their crops, they are struggling to find the things they need for successful crops available. For example, the factory in Idaho that manufactures their twine has closed and they are not certain they will receive the twine they had already purchased. Many of the Dairy's in our area are also not selling as much milk, therefore they are needing less feed, resulting in less being purchased. The chain reaction is devastating.

Also, if this wasn't enough, now they are being threatened that they could lose their farm completely!

The Kennewick Irrigation District (KID) has given notice that they plan a final action regarding condemnation of property for the purpose of a reservoir for their central water storage... and this includes the Robert Cox Farm land. We wish them the very best along with every small business during this time!

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