Kennewick Irrigation District has now started their voluntary reduction watering schedules for the next few summer months.

I received this email from KID as a residential customer and it explains the schedule for those residents that are voluntarily following the watering schedule. Here are the details on the irrigation shortfall.

"KID received the July water supply forecast from the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation (USBR) for Yakima River pro-ratable users such as KID. Water supply has decreased to 67%. If weather patterns do not improve, it is anticipated that conditions will worsen. The USBR July forecast is based on water flows, precipitation, snowpack and reservoir storage as of July 1st, along with estimates of future precipitation and river flows.

As of now, KID is not requiring mandatory curtailments or rationing, but we recommend that our customers voluntarily ration their water usage by watering according to the suggested watering schedule below for up to 30 minutes per zone. Doing this will cultivate a deeper root system and help make your lawn more drought resistant.

 Last digit of address & watering times

AM = Midnight to Noon

PM = Noon to Midnight

1             Tuesday AM                     Saturday AM

2             Monday AM                      Friday AM

3             Monday PM                      Thursday PM

4             Sunday PM                        Wednesday PM

5             Sunday AM                        Thursday AM

6             Tuesday PM                     Friday PM

7             Sunday PM                        Wednesday PM

8             Tuesday PM                     Friday PM

9             Monday PM                      Thursday PM

0             Wednesday AM              Saturday AM

Use of a single hose or high efficiency devices will continue to be allowed to water trees, shrubs, perennials, and vegetable gardens in addition to these scheduled times. We also recommend using drip lines, micro spray, and soaker hoses to irrigate plants more efficiently. Conditions can change rapidly so we encourage you to conserve water now so we will have water later."

You can always call the KID office if you need more details or are watering more than two acres.

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