Grant County Sheriff Deputies and other law-enforcement agencies are urging farmers everywhere to step up security and other preventative measures when it comes to unattended farm equipment. A new, fast-growing theft problem has come to light.

Sheriff Tom Jones said Wednesday deputies have tallied up some $90,000 in losses from stolen GPS equipment from across the county. Tillers, tractors, combines, gleaners and other large farm equipment now utilize GPS to help operators more efficiently work the farmland.

Often, the equipment is left out in the field so they can take up where they left off, especially if they're working large areas. But Sheriff Jones says thieves are now targeting these unattended machines and stealing the GPS units.

Jones says thieves can make "hefty" amounts of money when the units are sold to traffickers of stolen property.

They recommend (if possible) removing or hiding the GPS unit, making sure units are locked, even padlocked if such features are available, and even having workers routinely check on equipment. Jones says these will greatly lower the chances of having the GPS units taken.

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