The attorney for a former Othello High School girls wrestling coach is accusing city police of "stalling" their investigation into allegations the man had a sexual relationship with one of his female wrestlers.

Police have responded, taking issue with the claim.

Coach Jermaine JJ Martinez resigned after the allegation was made.

However, his attorney Deric Orr says the police have nothing to go off of. Orr said the coach, the athlete, and her family all completely deny anything inappropriate was going on.

But police counter by saying Coach Martinez has refused to talk to them. Orr has advised the coach to not speak.

The accusation was brought by another Othello School District employee.

Orr claims the coach was railroaded, given a choice to either resign or be fired. Orr says when police say the investigation is ongoing, it means they have nothing to investigate and are stalling. Police Chief Phil Schenck says they are not conducting an administrative investigation but a criminal one.

Martinez offered his resignation earlier this month, on June 6. He was placed on administrative leave in late February after another Othello District employee approached school officials with what they said were "concerns."  Martinez was both the girls varsity wrestling coach and a para-educator.

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