Well, stuff like this really does happen.

An Oregon woman flagged down the cops to let them know she needed a ride or she'll miss her favorite TV show, Walker, Texas Ranger.

Remember the scene in the movie Rain Man? Dustin Hoffman's character gets quite agitated as he's approaching the airtime of People's Court - "Two minutes to Wapner, yeah, definitely, Wapner"...


But this does not involve autism. And it is not a movie. Despite the obvious ease of potential ridicule, the police are playing it straight and taking the opportunity to remind all who would hear, the police is not who flag down if you are in danger of missing your favorite TV show. It does not work like that.

Courtesy Forest Grove OR Police Dept
Courtesy Forest Grove OR Police Dept

June 13

* A patrol officer was flagged down by a woman who wanted a ride home because she was going to be late for the syndicated airing of "Walker, Texas Ranger." Missing a television program, no matter how legendary, is not considered valid grounds for courtesy transportation.

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