Well, I don't know how you adopt one of THOSE wild horses, but I do have a contact to adopt A wild horse, and by doing so you'll be saving a magical creature.

If you don't know anything about wild horses, they are AMAZING animals.

Some are descendants of horses brought by Spanish explorers in the 1500s... some are just descendants of horses who escaped from ranches. Each herd has its own story and genetic legacy.

But what makes them cool is how smart they are! The horses are a tasty treat for mountain lions, so they must know how to evade, fight and run. They're also responsible for feeding themselves so they're hearty and good problem solvers. Horse enthusiasts love how strong their feet are.

But the problem is they procreate quite prolifically meaning they starve themselves by eating up all the vegetation in a given area. This is bad for land management, really bad for ranchers, and bad for the horses. Since they don't know how to use birth control, the BLM periodically rounds them up and tries to adopt them out.

They are hard to adopt because they must be broken in. Once broken, they're tough to contain since they can figure out most simple locks and gates in stables or sheds. And they're used to being independent, so many don't want to be ridden or put to work even after they're broken.

The government's adoption program tries to match the right horses to the right buyers to make it a positive experience. If you're up for the challenge, find out how to get involved in an adoption program.

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