It was just another day in the Bacchetti household as they geared up for Christmas. The tree was trimmed, the stockings were hung and sweet Jordan (JBird) was waiting patiently for Santa's magical visit. Her friends Samantha and Charlie helped pass the time, Samantha and Charlie are the mischievous Elves on a Shelf. As with most Elves on a Shelf they seemed to find their fair share of trouble!

It wasn't until one night, while everyone was nestled snug in their bed that it is believed Charlie did something to provoke the family dog, Stella. Samantha tried to smooth over the conflict between Charlie and Stella, but when she discovered she was no match for the four-legged abominable monster, she simply had to step aside and watch in pure terror as Stella ripped Charlies ear and head clean off!! It was evident Stella was trying to kill Charlie and she almost succeeded! It wasn't until Stella realized Santa was probably watching that she released Charlie and left him to fight for his poor dismembered life!

By some Christmas miracle, Charlie DID survive! Samantha, with her elf magic sat devoted by his side, through the night, until help finally arrived. It was grim and his injuries were devastating, it was clear he was going to need a specialist! Charlie was rushed to a secret location, where a very high profile, Dr. X performed a very risky but successful surgery on Charlie. Samantha sat with JBird and comforted her until they heard the news, Charlie was GOING TO LIVE!

Charlie is on bed rest for the next few days but they expect him to make a full recovery and be able to finish out his mischievous duties as a naughty Elf on a Shelf. However, he will no longer be teasing the family dog after everyone goes to bed and finds that staying on the shelf is much safer!

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