It's hunting season and officials are warning hunters that if you are hunting illegally, you'll be facing stiff fines that include having your vehicle towed and "kill" confiscated.

Washington State Fish and Wildlife Officers and Federal Fish and Wildlife officers are out in Walla Walla County alongside the Walla Walla County Deputies searching for hunters that are breaking the law.

According to a posting on Facebook:

If you are caught trespassing, to fill your big game tags, you will be cited and possibly arrested and have your vehicle towed! Oh yeah, and that “legal” buck that you shot was actually taken illegally and will be seized and the meat donated to a charitable organization. Please, Please, PLEASE get permission to hunt so you are legal and not inadvertently in a crossfire or hostile confrontation!

It's a somber reminder from the authorities to always ask for permission if hunting on a property that isn't yours.

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