So to break of the monotony of your day I scour the web for funny pictures that put a bright spot in your day. Here's the good news! You guys brighten my day! Some of the stuff you come up with his hilarious! So let's review this last week's Pictures Of The Day

Friday June 29

Bonnie Chiesa May OMG get this Crock out of here!!!!

Stephanie Loving Can't reach the handle! Ugggg its hot out here!

Dale Selch ‎......uh, candygram...

Sheila Harris ‎"avon calling," i have your extra dry skin lotion you ordered..."

Jenna Kay C'mon! Lemmee back in-- it was a JOKE! I'm not *really* gonna eat you!

Cathie Melde Oh come on honey, I didn't mean to call you a handbag!

Sarah Raley Girlscouts! I have thin mints!

Chris Toefer Thomas Honey open the door

Kodie Ginder-Mill Honey, your mother is at the door!


Monday 7/2

Judy Clark Bottoms Up!

Thursday July 5

Mark Young This answers the question.."Where do baby carrots come from?"

Cassie Mercer SAVE ME......

Candice J. Williams Spence ♥ For the love of the carrot ♥

Melissa Genett Even Mother Nature has a sense of reproduction. LOL


Friday July 6

Angel Leggett Every freakin time. They always gotta mess with the biker.

Brandon Tyler Crane I'm holding that bacon for a friend!

Michaele Graves-Patterson Where did you hide the scooby snacks?

Kodie Ginder-Mill That catnip is...uh....not mine...

Anne Turner Watch where U r putin ur hands; bud!!

These were awesome! You guys ROCK! I'll keep posting Bear's Pic Of The Day on Facebook and you guys keep giving them great captions!