So I try to add a little humor to everybody's day by giving you a silly picture that you can add your own caption too. Our KORD listeners are the greatest and I wanted to take a couple of this week's pictures and share some of the captions that we collected from our Facebook Page

Here is picture #1 from Monday May 14










Here are a few of the captions that we received.

  • there goes my ****** x box!
  • Santa got ran over by a semi.....
  • I told mom not to light the fire....
  • Nice! I know what I am going to find in my stocking this Christmas for putting that picture on our Facebook Page.

Then came Thursday May 17. This story broke from New Jersey about a mom who had her daughter in a tanning booth with her. Uuuhh probably not a really good idea but I needed to know what this woman looked like! YIKES!













Then you...our cherished listeners chimed in with these picture captions.

  • Umpa lumpa doopity doo...
  • Yes, this Sunday I turn 27
  • Fig Newton! Dark dates in the middle and blonde cookie around it. Or how about simply "DUMB"*** . Maybe "Origin Unknown!" "Bacon"? "Well Done?" Hey.... how about "Rusty" ?
  • Wow it like Chuck and Greg said she does look like a cheetoo
  • Quote; "I never heard the timer go off!"
  • *someone searching around in the dark asking...* "have you seen my leather handbag?" Grabs woman's face, thinks that's it... Feels a mouth.. and nose.. "OOPS! Thats... not it!" Lol!!

So I hope you found those as funny as I did. If you think you have a good caption for either one of these pictures feel free to share! You keep giving us the funny pictures; we'll keep sharing them!