In case you've been out of the loop, voters in Washington passed the Driving Under the Influence of Electronics Act in 2017 and the law went into effect in July. It basically states that you are not to have anything in your hands while driving: no cell phones, coffee cups, ect. All electronic devices need to be hands free, and they've even pulled people over for snacks. Since the law passed, we've gotten kind of a warning period so that we can get used to the new law. Well, our period of adjusting has just come to an end.

Make sure when you're driving you are completely distraction free, because officers will be handing out tickets for sure! If you're caught with your phone out you can now get a $136 dollar ticket as a first time violator. A second ticket in five years carries with it a $234 fine! Yeah, so look, that text can wait! Get a hands free set up for your phone or other device and don't even take the chance! It's WAY cheaper than that ticket, and for real, we need to keep our eyes on the road and be safe for ourselves and others.

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