When the newest addition to our family, Halle, was hanging out with her mom at our house the other day, I initially thought she got a hold of something she wasn't supposed to have. Man, she was gnawing on that thing like it was candy. My wonderful bonus-daughter and Halle's mom, Katie, quickly informed me that it's a teething tube. Well, this very hands-on and experienced dad-turned-grandpa has never heard of such a thing. Right about the time you think they couldn't possibly improve on something as simple as a 'teething ring', they come up with the teething tube! Makers of teething tubes say they have a doctor-approved design that is soft, flexible, and hollow, are easy-to-hold and shaped specifically to soothe your little one's tender gums in all areas while assisting in the eruption of teeth. 

All I know is that back in the day when my kids were little, they would grasp the liquid-filled teething ring (often refrigerated to cool the pain), and give it a little workout, but nothing like I saw our little 'Halle-gator' do with that teething tube.

Healthline.com lists the best baby teethers on the market and it turns out that 'teething mitts' and 'teething pops' are still popular choices as well.


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