I avoid watching the news due to all of the politics, hate and discontent going on in our world these days and because of this apparently I missed the plastic bag memo! I have heard bits and clips that the Legislature and Governor Jay Inslee had passed the single-use plastic bag ban, but I had not seen any action take place... until today, at The Sunnyside Walmart.

I shopped and shopped and shopped, I filled a grocery cart full of vegetables, meats, canned goods, dairy products and juices. I even got all my bathroom supplies like shampoo, soap and razors. As if that wasn't enough I decided I couldn't live without new kitchen knives and a few other miscellaneous kitchen items.

The lines were SO long so I chose to do self-checkout, yes I am one of THOSE people who will take an overflowing shopping cart through the self-checkout line (sorry not sorry). I hate grocery shopping and have anger issues every time I go, it's definitely better if I do it myself to avoid further irritation. So you can imagine my meltdown when I found out today was the day I needed to bring my own shopping bags! The self-checkout helper who oversees all eight stands saw me looking around confused when there were no bags available. She informed me if I wanted bags, I would have to purchase them from her. My angry grocery shopping trip just got more inflamed! Just to be clear though I did NOT take it out on the worker (I work in customer service and know better than to shoot the messenger). I did, however take it out on my groceries! I declined paying five cents for any bags and started scanning my items. My station was a mess!! I had pork chops and chicken piled with my deodorant and windex and that was piled on top of my veggies that was piled on top of the tiny checkout stand. Once that was overflowing I started throwing my groceries back into the cart. Scan and toss, scan and toss! No bags, just a heap of two weeks worth of groceries tsunami-ed into my shopping cart! Next was cart to car! I tossed everything into the back of my vehicle and I may or may not have been cursing. I was, I cursed with every toss. Luckily I got out of there with no major incidents and after about twenty trips into the house my nightmare had ended.

The only thing I forgot to buy at the store was my reusable grocery bags. I am thinking Amazon is a safe bet though..

Don't forget your own bags!

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