During Heatstroke 2021 in the Tri-Cities, even just a few minutes outside can be fairly exhausting. When I'm overheated, the last thing I want is food (I know, hard to believe).

My wife and I have a lot of favorite winter meals like chili, beef stew, chicken noodle soup with big fat egg noodles, and Tacos. Okay, tacos don't count because we had them last night at it was 116 degrees. But my wife had the idea for something we hadn't had in a while, egg salad sandwiches. Generally a lunch item I would say, but it was so refreshing and cool as a dinner. It was so good that our dinner game plan for the next few days while it's super hot and maybe just for often in general during summer is as follows:

**Chicken Salad Sandwiches. We add grapes and/or walnuts.

**Chicken Salad Stuffed Tomatoes. BTW to keep it cool in the house, we've been using canned chicken and not baking or boiling chicken breasts. I was skeptical but it's delicious in your favorite chicken salad recipe.

**Classic BLT. I've never disliked microwaved bacon because it's quick and easy. Sacrifice a paper plate and a few paper towels and leave the stove or oven off.

**Wedge Salad. Maybe you've had one in a restaurant. Simple, easy, cool for hot weather, and dress it up with plenty of blue cheese for added protein.

**Lettuce Wraps. Lots of ideas online or maybe you have a favorite already. We like tropical chicken wraps with pineapple and mango. Well, one of us does...she hates mango!

**Salmon Bagel Sandwich. Cool smoked salmon from the refrigerated section, dressed to your preference with lettuce, tomato, and maybe a light dill-mayo sauce. She hates salmon so I get her a Fillet-O-Fish on nights like this, which she loves. You know 'cause...chicks.

**Tacos. Because hot or cold weather, they are TACOS!



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