The 5 Most Popular Beers in Washington State? Their List Can't Be Right

A swanky ad agency out of San Francisco has curated a list of the 5 most popular beers in Washington state consumed during the COVID pandemic, but I want to know if they really dove down deep into what popular beers “we the people” love the most in Washington? Well, if by “popular” you mean the mainstream beers, then well, yeah, I suppose the five beers they tallied are the real top contenders.

But this list can't be right! Here are the ones I think are missing from their list, some of the most popular breweries and beers that people in Washington love. There are so many that could have been included, of course, so I've included my top selection of the most popular below:

1 . Mac & Jack

17825 NE 65th St, Redmond

WHAT TO TRY: Amber Ale or the African Amber. The first Washington state beer I ever tried was a Mac & Jack's. I was smitten at the first sip.



2 . Single Hill

102 N Naches Ave, Yakima

WHAT TO TRY: Eastside IPA. YUM is all I can say to describe this beer.

Single Hill Eastside IPA


3 . Elysian Brewing Co.

1221 E Pike St, Seattle

WHAT TO TRY: Space Dust IPA. I love the name more than the taste, but I will pick up a six-pack of Elysian from the store any day (when I'm drinking beer, that is).

Elysian Brewing Co - Space Dust IPA


4 . TT's Old Iron Brewery

4110 S Bowdish Rd, Spokane Valley

WHAT TO TRY: El Camino Mexican Lager. A special brew for a special YOU.

TTs Old Iron Brewery in Spokane Valley
TT's Old Iron Brewery via Google Maps


5 . Otherlands Beer

2121 Humboldt St, Bellingham

WHAT TO TRY: Avenue of the Giants Beer. This beer sounds like something one of the Avengers would drink out in space (looking at you, THOR).

Otherlands Beer in Bellingham
Otherlands Beer via Google Maps


6 . Georgetown Brewing Company

5200 Denver Ave S, Seattle 

WHAT TO TRY: Manny's Pale Ale. A perfect beer on tap to pare with your favorite barbecued foods or something from the bar kitchen.

Manny's Pale Ale at Georgetown Beer


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Get our free mobile app are the tallied top 5 most popular beers consumed in Washington state during the pandemic:


5 . Stella

@markbillett14 Would be rude not too #beer #drinking #stella #dayoff #frozen #rudenotto #funny #fyp #foryoupage #wiltshireboy82 ♬ TheHoldernessFamily Do You Wanna Start Drinking - Gabe

4 . Heineken


@metamikedonald A Chillin Beer Workout #heineken #beer #workout ♬ original sound - Michael Donald

3 . Budweiser

Budweiser Beer
Linus Mimietz on Unsplash

2 . Coors Light

Coors Light Sign in a Pool Hall
Tai's Captures on Unsplash

1 . Bud Light

@johnrondi Bud Light BEER Variety Pack Review! #johnnydrinks #beerreview #budlightlime #budlightorange #fyp #tastereview #budlight ♬ Go Go Go Go - Dean Martin


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