102.7 KORD proudly welcomes "Willie Nelson And Friends!

I had the opportunity to tour Maryhill winery with the owner Craig  Leuthold yesterday (Yes, I have the best job ever)


Willie Nelson & Family

Saturday August 24- 7:00 p.m.

Gates open 5:30

Tasting Room and Grounds closed 4:00 - 5:30

Rail Tickets - Sold out

Good news for KORD listeners! not only do we have tickets to give away for Willie Nelson. we also have a VIP section for our winners. Front row seating (with tables) and the best wine in the northwest.

Be listening and Become a KORD VIP to win tickets. Visit Maryhill wineries website to purchase tickets. Better hurry this event will sell out.

Maryhill Concert FAQs

  • NOTE: We highly recommend shoes that you'll be comfotable walking in both gravel and grass.  Heels are not recommended. 
  • What time do the gates open?

    • 90 minutes prior to show time.

  • What kind of chairs can we bring or do we have to sit on a blanket?

    • A "sand" chair that is low to the ground is preferred.

    • High back chairs are allowed in the back rows or far side areas, no lounge style chairs please.

  • Will there be food available?

    • Yes, there will be food vendors selling a variety of food during the concert.

  • Can we bring our own food?

    • Yes, but we also have food vendors providing a variety of choices.

  • Do you serve any alcohol besides wine?

    • No, we are not licensed to serve anything besides the wine we produce.

  • Can we bring our own alcohol?

    • No, if there is other alcohol on premises besides our own we might lose our license.

  • Can we bring in non-alcoholic beverages?

    • Yes, if it is in a sealed container.

  • What time should we arrive to get the best seat?

    • If you have reserved seats it doesn’t matter. If you have general admission seats then it is up to you to decide how long you are willing to wait and how important it is to be towards the front of the Amphitheater. The line often starts forming an hour before the gates open. The acoustics are excellent. You will be able to hear very well everywhere!

    • If it is necessary for you to park in the Maryhill Museum parking area then you will be bussed to the winery.  It is about 3/4 of a mile away.  Please allow extra time to park and make the bus ride.  We hire multiple busses for this and usually the wait isn't too long.

  • Can we return to our car if we have forgotten something or would like to grab a jacket?

    • Unfortunately not. Once you leave we cannot allow re-entry into the venue.   Please take in whatever you will need to be comfortable.  There are no exceptions.

  • How do you fit all of the cars in? Where does everyone park?

    • We not only use the lot you may have used if you have visited, but we also have a continuation of our parking lot the goes on to the East. In addition we utilize the Maryhill Museum’s grounds for parking and run multiple buses to bring our guests the ¾ of a mile back to the Winery. The parking fee is included in the price of your ticket.

    • If it is necessary for you to park in the Maryhill Museum parking area then you will be bussed to the winery.   Please allow extra time to park and make the bus ride.  We hire multiple busses for this and usually the wait isn't too long.

  • Does Maryhill Winery provide any shuttle buses to any of the lodging partners so we don’t have to drive?

    • Unfortunately we don’t. There isn’t a practical way for us to arrange for several thousand guests to shuttle in vastly different directions. We wish we could provide such a service.

  • The website says to contact you about parking for people with disabilities. Why?

    • When you arrive please show the parking attendant at the entrance of the parking lot that you have a person with disabilities window hanger. You will be directed as to where to park. If necessary you will be transported via our van to the proper entrance.

  • If I am a person with disabilities and have need of the Maryhill van for transportation can my group ride with me?

    • You may have one person join you to help you to your seat. The rest of your group will need to go to the main line and sit in their designated seating area.

  • I bought General Admission Tickets and yet it appears I have a seat number. Does the General Admission area have assigned seats?

    • No, it is merely a way for Ticketfly to track their tickets.

  • Can I buy tickets at the door?

    • In most cases you can but it is always better to get your tickets in advance.

  • Do we have to be 21 to see a show?

    • All ages are welcome.

  • Does my toddler need a ticket?

    • In the General Admission area, Children 4 and under do not need a ticket when accompanied by an adult.

    • In all other areas all concertgoers must have a ticket.

  • May we camp overnight on the grounds?

    • There isn’t a place for overnight camping and our insurance does not cover an overnight visitor stay.

  • Where is the closest place to stay?

    • For RV or Tent camping

      • Maryhill State Park 509-773-5007

      • Peach Beach 509-773-4698

    • For a hotel stay Biggs Junction, Oregon is physically the closest place and is East of the winery about 6 miles.

      • The Dalles, Oregon is about 20 miles to the West.

      • Please see our lodging page for up to date information about the lodging options nearby.

  • Is the winery open for tasting during the concert?

    • No, because no one would be able to enjoy the experience with so many guests in the tasting room all at once.

  • Why are the bottle prices higher during a concert?

    • $2.00 of every bottle sale goes to Heifer International.

    • Costs of doing business are much higher during a concert and the revenue from ticket sales goes mostly to the artist.

    • Security, flaggers and extra crew members need to be hired.

  • How far is it to the winery from Portland? Seattle? The Tri-Cities? Walla Walla? Spokane?

    • From downtown Portland via Interstate 84 and crossing into Washington in The Dalles, Oregon it is 105 miles.

    • From Downtown Seattle via Interstate 90 and the town of Yakima it is 224 miles.

      • Via Interstate 5 and the town of Portland it is 270 miles.

    • From the Tri-Cities via Interstate 82 and then Hwy 14 it is 111 miles

      • Via I82 to I84 it is 122 miles From Walla Walla via Hwy 12 and then hwy 14 it is 140 miles.

    • From Spokane via Interstate 90/US 395 to I82 and Hwy 14 it is 246 miles


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