Milton Freewater Police ran across one of the more unusual cases Wednesday night, a man who was in debt for gambling.

That by itself was not that weird except his idea for dealing with it, or getting out of it, was to shoot himself. Apparently his idea was to claim he was robbed and shot in the process, so the money he was going to use to cover the debt was stolen.

Kinda makes you wonder WHO he owed the money to?  Police said Wednesday night they got a call around 9PM from a woman who said her husband, Johnson Le, was shot by an unknown masked intruder in their backyard in Milton Freewater.

However, the initial investigation showed he had inflicted the 9mm Glock bullet wound by shooting himself in the arm. He was taken to St. Mary's Medical Center in Walla Walla for treatment. It's presumed there will be a number of charges for both Mr. Le and his wife, for participating in the ruse. The wound was not life threatening, but one of the first clues was it was administered at way too close range to match his robbery story.

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