2020 has been difficult for all of us. Sometimes in different ways for some than others. And just as I was reading a story this morning about a new survey that says 51% of Americans have been self-pleasuring more often during quarantine, I ran into this.

Now just how bad are things in that department for this guy? Oh sure, there's always the possibility that he broke into a sex shop to steal a sex toy for his partner for Christmas, but you never know. The story says that he got away with a male sex toy. Does that mean it's for males or shaped like a male for females? Human sexuality can be strange sometimes!

DEVELOPING: A man broke into Castle Megastore in Kennewick this morning by shattering a glass door. Police tell us he stole a sex toy.

Posted by KAPP-KVEW Local News on Tuesday, December 15, 2020


Here are some "normal" toys.

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